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Releasing music can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to.

What We Do

When you release with LSR, our team of musicians, producers, designers, and promoters will make sure your release is successful - and you won't pay a cent for it. We'll help you with:


We can help take your song to the next level, from general suggestions to adding instrumentation.


Reach out to other LSR artists to collaborate in exciting ways.

Mixing & Mastering

We make sure your song is clean, well mixed, and mastered for a professional sound.

Artwork Design

Eye-catching artwork is important. Your releases will always stand out with beautiful covers.

Artist Branding

Work with our branding specialist to design how you present yourself to the world.


Your songs are released on every major streaming platform.

Playlist Placements

We'll promote your song on our playlists and pitch it to our network of curators.

Our Community

Join our Discord community, where you can chat with us and collaborate with other artists from around the globe.

Our Philosophy

The music industry has evolved. Big Label no longer holds the power.

Duncan Cove

We, the artists do. Our vision is to help you turn your passion into a viable career path. Writing a beautiful song is just one piece of the puzzle - the other piece is getting it into people's ears. We’ve taken a particular interest in understanding what makes a release successful, and we want to apply our learnings to your music. We’re constantly seeking out new ways to make each release a success.

It’s no secret that we are a business, but that doesn’t mean we have to prioritize profit. Our goal is to help you succeed. We’re a label, but that doesn’t mean we have to behave like one. We're a team, which means we make decisions together and benefit together. Everything we do together is owned together. With respect to you as an artist, no exclusivity clause bullshit - come and go as you please.

Our Team

We're a four-person team from Canada who want nothing more than to get great music into people's ears.

David Shoults

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Cathcart

Chief Technology Officer
Audio Engineer

Andrea Shipka

Chief Creative Officer
Artist Branding

Eline Callens

Marketing Lead
Social Media