UK-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Arrowsmith (aka Jack Arrowsmith) has stepped into the Neo-Classical genre with a clear presence. Following the recent success of his single, Inhale (Live), Arrowsmith's music has continued to gain traction to a growing audience worldwide. Arrowsmith has always felt connected to the world of Neo-Classics, listening to serene music from a young age. Classically trained as a flutist from the age of seven, Arrowsmith has continued to refine his craft, earning a bachelor's degree in Music Production followed by a master’s degree in Musicianship. Most notably, Arrowsmith travelled to a northwest coastline beach in the UK with his Una Corda piano, where he composed and captured a live recording of Runswick in one take, with the production including ambient sounds of the ocean. In a World filled with chaos and a pace that knows no end, Arrowsmith’s unique take on composition encourages listeners to discover solace and tranquillity as each song unravels a world of emotion that is entirely open to interpretation.

Recent Releases