Guilherme Veroneze

Guilherme Veroneze is a Brazilian neoclassical pianist and composer. Nowadays, he lives and makes music among the beautiful landscapes of mountains at Minas Gerais estate. His music is influenced by the composers Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen and other modern neoclassical composers. He composes piano solo songs exploring sonorities stage and felt piano. In 2021, Guilherme released three EP’s: Um Tempo, Back to Reality (via Collaborative Records) and Son Binocle (via Collaborative Records). The first and the second with original songs and the third with interpretations of four songs by the French composer Erik Satie. The song “Uma história” was added in 4 editorial playlists on Deezer (Calm Piano, Piano au Calme, Piano Calmo and Ruhige Klaviermusik) and reached more than 120k streams. He has a master’s degree in music from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) and is part of quartet of clarinetist Caetano Brasil, nominated to Latin Grammy Awards 2020 in the category Best Instrumental Album with Cartografias. Guilherme produces regularly content on Instagram and Facebook. Follow him to know the news.

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