SAAH is a Vienna based contemporary classical pianist and composer who loves to create melodies for the little things and the big ones. Ever since she was given an old piano at the age of nine, she has been in love with that instrument. To SAAH, she (the piano) is a friend, therapist, an ally, she brings consolation and joy….. SAAH has played the piano in several pop & jazz bands in Austria and has been composing music for theatres - but first and foremost she has always loved playing the piano just for herself, improvising and creating for hours. In 2020 she got the chance to win the European songwriting award in the category: Music for Motion Picture. Since then, she has been releasing solo piano pieces. In composing and playing, she finds fulfillment and joy, and since last year she also tries to play outside in special places. Nature and its sounds are very inspiring - sometimes it‘s easier for SAAH to create a melody on her piano, than to find the right words. She is a very grateful woman.

Recent Releases